Whatever the size of the swimming pool and whatever its intended use: family, group (hotels, campsites, co-owned), we master all the techniques required for high-quality water treatment.
Monsieur PISCINE not only meets regulatory requirements but also those which are essential for comfort and water safety which our client has every right to demand.
In addition to this guarantee, our technical service ensures maintenance at all times.
We have materials and spare parts in stock enabling swift on-site service.

A range of top quality equipment: bronze and stainless steel pool fittings; silent pumps; diatomaceous and sand filters with a 10-year guarantee; high quality GEORGES FISHER valves; and custom-made standard-compliant electrical boxes.

For swimming pools intended for group use, we have chosen to partner with the company, TECNOFIL, manufacturer of custom-made filters using state-of-the-art technology.